Thistle Brae Collies

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Make Thistle Brae your Breeder of choice for Superior Collies

 Thistle Brae has an extensive history of producing top notch Smooth Collies. The most famous and valued Collie bloodlines in North America run in their veins. Naturally we are very proud that our stunning dogs win in the show ring, but most important is the fact they combine great looks with an affectionate and friendly attitude, well suited to families. Their intelligence and versatility guarantees these wonderful dogs excel in many areas, from Guide Dogs for the Visually Impaired, to herding, to dog sports.  However Smooth Collies are not obsessive over-achievers (like some herding breeds) and you will find that your Collie is able to combine a fun-loving nature with a laid back attitude that makes him an ideal companion for families with an active life-style. We feel they definitely have a sense of humour!   

 Our litters are raised in the kitchen and lovingly socialized on the front lawn! We believe it is important for puppies to have numerous positive encounters at a young age, and to be exposed to a variety of everyday experiences. Our puppy yard has an array of toys and kiddie furniture, which encourages pups to be adventuresome. The puppies have opportunity to meet and play with kids, and are exposed to cats and other dogs. On the health side of things, the pups are all Vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped and eye tested by a certified Ophthalmologist. We guarantee the health and temperament of our dogs with a written contract.  We are pleased to offer life-time breeder support and advice for all aspects of raising and training your Collie.

  Our collies are bred to please the eye and capture the heart, and the very best thing we can hear back from our proud Smooth Collie owners is “this is the best dog I have ever owned”.


All the brains, beauty and personality of Lassie with less work