I have had a love affair with collies that goes back to my childhood.  Our family always had a collie as a pet, since Lassie was by far the most popular dog in the world at that time.  Naturally, I devoured the Albert Payson Terhune books,and dreamed about my own collies romping over the lawns of an estate.  I believe that in many ways I have fulfilled that dream.

 I trained my first collie to Utility level in Obedience by the age of 16, and even had my picture in the paper for winning HIGH SCORE IN TRIAL at 14 years of age, which is quite an accomplishment for any trainer, let alone a teenager!

 In the past, during the 1970’s I did breed collies, working with the famous SOVEREIGN lines,  but at that time I was very involved with horses, and was limited in the amount of time I could dedicate to the dogs. I then became absorbed with breeding and showing purebred Persian cats, which were easier to keep in an apartment than horses and collies!

 In the past twenty years,  I’ve been able to re-kindle my association with the breed that means so much to me.  I have devoted my time to breeding, raising, training, and showing collies, while constantly improving my knowledge about the breed. 



For information call: 905-880-1770



THISTLE BRAE is a small kennel dedicated to producing beautiful, intelligent collies which excel in both the show ring and as family companions. I breed 3 to 5 litters a year, with  special emphasis on sound temperament and structure.  Limiting the number of dogs insures that each one gets individual attention from birth through puppyhood.   In addition, it is my policy to place my show/breeding dogs in pet homes after they have completed their careers as show dogs or mothers.  This way, I know that every collie I produce will happily complete their lives as adored pets. 

 The kennel is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Caledon, minutes from Highway #400, just north of Toronto, and approximately one hour from Pearson International Airport.  The dogs love nothing better than going for their daily walks in the woods, or galloping over rolling hills. I believe that lots of exercise and mental stimulation is essential to this intelligent and energetic breed. 

 Visitors are always welcome, so if you are interested in owning a collie in the future, or would just like to come and meet the dogs and chat for awhile, and go for a walk in the woods,  let’s get together.


Thistle Brae Collies