The birth of Thistle Brae puppies is planned with great care and consideration. It is a major commitment for a breeder to bring puppies into the world. Here at Thistle Brae we prefer to breed our females when we have puppy reservations.

 Care begins with the health of the dam – each mother is provided with optimal nutrition and a special place in the house to whelp her litter. We assist in the delivery and monitor the new puppies from birth. Early handling and interaction helps to insure human bonding. As they mature, the puppies are socialized in a positive, educational and stimulating environment that brings out the breed’s famous “Lassie” personality. They are gradually exposed to a variety of enriching experiences that gently widens their scope and teaches them self confidence. They are introduced to children, other pets, they go for car rides and and learn how to go for off-leash “pack walks”.

 Since the puppies are allowed to have outdoor playtime from an early age, they quickly learn to eliminate outside, and house-breaking is usually easy. My puppy owners brag how quickly their puppies learn house breaking.

 It is my objective to raise healthy well-adjusted puppies with the potential to become esteemed family members and excellent canine citizens. Puppy classes and “continuing education” is highly recommended. It is only through continuing social interaction that dogs learn to be confidant well-adjusted members of society. We also remind new puppy parents that Collies are an active breed that requires considerable daily exercise. The dog owners’ favorite phrase should be “a tired puppy is a good puppy”. Also, be well aware that Collies will become barkers if they are bored or lonely, so you must be prepared to spend time with your pet, and hire a dog sitter if necessary.

 I screen all puppy buyers, and put emphasis on matching the right pup to the right family. I wish to insure Thistle Brae dogs have PERMANENT loving homes with a family that best suits them. My puppies are sold only to individuals, and it is against my ethics to sell to pet shops, brokers, or back-yard breeders.

All Thistle Brae Puppies go to their new homes with the following

· Puppy Vaccinations: Depending on the age, all pups will have at least one set of shots.

· Worming: All pups are de-wormed several times to limit parasitical problems.

· Vet Health Check: Every pup is examined by a Veterinarian before going to his new home. We guarantee your pup’s health.

· Collie Eye Check: Our pups are all eye checked by certified Ophthalmologists

· Micro-Chip: all pups are micro-chipped for identification and recovery

· Ear Set: To help insure our pups grow into adults with that melting Collie expression, we assist puppy buyers in achieving the   exquisite look that comes with properly tipped over ears.

· Registration: Every puppy is eligible to be registered by CKC, in accordance with Canadian Law.

· Written Health and Temperament Guarantee

· Life-Long Breeder Support in all matters of Care and training

· Spay/Neuter Contract: In accordance with the Collie Club of America’s code of ethics, we sell all companion puppies with a neuter/spay contract.

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Thistle Brae Collies

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